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Captain Jack Sparrow


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Posted 03 April 2012 - 09:42 AM






Anybody Got the Yellow Fever? Asian Women

Lovely Ladyboys, Fave Asian Girls

Shexy Ashian Shluts Shedding Shorts, Ladyboys In and Out of Tight Shorts

Hot Chinese Shemale in Red China

Malaysian TGirls

The Philippines


Piladyboy!, Solo Sets, Gangbangs, and New Models, Oh My!
Piladyboy.com, presenting the most beautiful girls of the PI!
Piladyboy Updates for Olympics Week!
Happy Thanksgiving from Piladyboy.com
Season's Greetings from Piladyboy.com, or...Merry XXXmas!
What's new at PILadyboy.com, Treasures of the Orient!
Latest piladyboy updates
Updates on Piladyboy
Piladyboy Presents
PI Ladyboy Updates!! Francine & Marina hardcore, big titty Tyra
Piladyboy Milestones 350 galleries - 30,000 photos - 6 years online
UP Network returns to sponsor Tranny Awards Thanks PILadyboy


Japanese Shemales

Shemale-Japan updates Oct '08
Japanese Shemales ... Cool content
12 Days of GroobyMas ... Japanese Shemale Megapost
Shemale Japan March 22 - Get 'Em While They're Hot
Shemale Japan - April Shemales
Shemale Japan April 20 - April Flowers
Shemale Japan May 20 - Newhalves Galore!
Shemale Japan Jun 24 - Hot and Horny
Shemale Japan July 20 - Sexy Japanese Shemales
Two Naughty Little Japanese Girls
Japanese Shemales
Recent Japanese Models
Jumping Japanese Jollies! A hot month
So we took three of our Japanese models to Hawaii
2011 Japanese Tgirls so far

Ladyboy Ladyboy Updates
Sep '08
Aug '08
Ladyboy-Ladyboy Relaunch!
Ladyboy Ladyboy March 23, 2010 - Sexy and Slender
Ladyboy Ladyboy April 1, 2010 - With a Cherry On Top!
Ladyboy-Ladyboy reaches 1,200 models
Ladyboy Ladyboy April 22, 2011 - Ladyboy Fever!
Ladyboy Ladyboy June 1,2011 - Spring Beauties
Ten TGirls from Asia!


New Performers - Jan '10 ladyboylive.com
LADYBOYLIVE - newest performer


Grooby Launches New Ladyboy Site - BUDGET SITE
Ladyboy.xxx Lovelies

Thailand Ladyboy Relaunch



Ass Gape
The Asspussy Pics, Shots of Good Looking Tranny Ass
Ass In Panty Thread
Drop those knickers, Lovely TGirls with their panties dropped/lowered
Lady Ass - GG's
Nothing Says "I Love You" Like Giving That Special Lady A Pink Sock
Over the top...., Buttcheeks!
Peachy Tushy Thread
The Perfect Asshole
Real men lick ass
Spread Butthole Thread
TG Ass Pics



Balls!, I Like a Nice Soft Sack to Suck
Bulges & Filled Underwear Thread
Castrated Shemales
Firm Sacks, The Kind That Fit Nice in Your Palm
Fruit Baskets, Anyone?
Hangers...How Low Can You Go?



Favorite Black TGirls
Black Cock Freaks!, Girls+Guys That Love BBC!

Black Tgirls - Some Updates
Aug '08 #1
Black Tgirls Aug 27th ... ...black in back
Sep '08
Nov '08
Black Tgirls would like to remind everyone, This Xmas, Friends don't let friends
Black Tgirls March 18th - Ebony Ecstasy
Black TGirls March 25 - Baby Got Back
Black TGirls April 1 - Bigger and Better
Black TGirls April 7 - Delicious Flavors
Black TGirls April 22 - Ebony Cuties Galore!
Black TGirls May 19 - Ebony Hunnies!
Black TGirls June 2 - A Buffet of Hotties
Black TGirls July 1 - Summer TGirls
Black TGirls July 15 - Hot Like Fire!
Black TGirls July 22 - Hot Chocolate
Black TGirls August 6 - Show What You Got!
What is Black Shemale Hardcore?
Black TGirls Oct 22 - Hot TGirls Galore
Black TGirls Dec 03-10
Black TGirls Feb 11 - Valentine's Day
Black TGirls April 5 - It Was All Just a Dream
Black TGirls April 13 - It's All About Ass
Black TGirls April 27
Black TGirls May 12 - Feeling Foxy
Black Tgirls Top 5 Models as of May 2011
Black TGirls June 1 - Simply Divine
Black TGirls June 8 - All About the Booty
Black TGirls June 16 - Curves in All the Right Places
Black TGirls June 30 - Cocks and Kisses
Black TGirls July 12 - Here in Paradise
Black TGirls July 19 - All the Right Curves
Black TGirls July 27 - Midsummer Booty
Black TGirls Aug 3 - LA Hotties!
Black TGirls August 10 - Simply Divine!
Black TGirls Aug 18 - Hot and Horny!
Black TGirls Aug 23 - Sexy Empryss
BB King's Birthday - Black-Tgirls.com ain't got the blues
Apple Bottoms and Big Knobs...it's BTG!
Courtney Coxx/Paris Pirelli Return ... BTG NOW!!!
Black TGirls - Nov 2 Update
Happy Xmas from Diamond Long and Black TGirls
Black TGirls for Xmas Week!
First of the Year - Black Tgirls
Some Recent Black T-Girls!
What is Black Shemale Hardcore?
Shemale Pornstar V2.0 Finally Launched...and first up, Black Shemale Pornstars !!!
Black TGirls February...So Far!
Warning: Kayla Biggs Returns
You're weekly look at Black Tgirls 27th June



Breasts - GG or TG
Big Boobs
Best Areola's on a Tgirl Award!
Nipples & Hard Cock
Pasties - Apparel or Simply Accessories? You Decide
Puffy Nipples
What DDD Implants Actually Look Like
Sheyla Hershey Has 38KKK Breasts!
small titties, I Know I'm Not the Only One Who Loves Them
Who else likes Flat-chested TGirls?
Bad Implants
Silicone Implants, How Big is Too Big?
TS Lactation


Erotic TS Toons
Shemale art Trannies in erotic art
Futanari Art
Kinky Jimmy TG Artwork, Collecting Some of My Works in One Thread
Some of my TG drawings
One Dimensional Shemales
Virtual Trans
The Original Hung Devil
Sexiest Superhero
Favorite Childhood Cartoon
Your Favorite Scooby-Doo Character
Name your favortite cartoon chick youd want to Bang?

Futanari & Fakes
Faked/Photoshopped Shecocks

Fakir Image thread

Hermaphrodite Fakes

TS Scarlett Johansson
Lisa Rinna's sperm
Futanari? WTF?
Shemale Fakes, Genetic Women Morphed Into T-Girls
Young Shemale Chicken
Male Celebs to Sexy Tranny (for fun), for fun
Female Televangelists with Dicks

Emo T-Girl



Beautiful TV Tgirls
CD's/TV's That Put Tran's to Shame!? Well Not All Tran's, But Some
Trans Extreme
How big is she? Curious about a size

help me to identify this gurl



Banana Dicks, Dicks Curved Upward

Beautiful Cock Thread
Beautiful TGirl Cocks
Biggest Shecocks Out There! Lets Make a Compilation ofThem Here
Boners in skirts/panties or Pitching a Tent
Bulges & Filled Underwear Thread
Close Up Dick and Veiny cock pics
Cock Measuring
Cock Rings
Come Over Here and Have a Seat


Cum, Girl Goo, Shemale Splooge
Precum Cock Ooze
Cock & Cum

Orgasm Face

I'm Cumming!


Cut or Uncut? A Cheap Ploy to Get Folks to Post Pictures of Uncircumcised Tgirls
Extremely Hard She-cocks, Standing Up & Ready for Love
Fruit Baskets, Anyone?
Good Things Come In Small Packages
Is this cock for real?
Let's Play Guess Who's Cock

Long Nails on a Hard Clit

Looking Up and at It

Looking Down POV
Mushroom Cock Heads
Nipples & Hard Cock

I Don't Like to Shave
Shemale Sticks - No Hands

Snoodling/Docking Pics, post em up
Staring at cock
TG Upskirts, Looking Up & Seeing Something Extra
Tinyest Smallest TGirl Cocks
Top 10 Shemale Shecocks
Ugly Cocks, Post Pics of Nasty Looking Cocks
Size matters... no SHAPE... no COLOUR... What makes a sexy cock?

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#2 Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow


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Posted 26 July 2012 - 07:35 AM


Follicly Challenged

Bald Chicks. No, I Don't Mean Down There
Bald Girls Sharing Bald Woman and Girls

Big Beautiful Women - TG & GG
Why aren't men interested in chubby transsexuals?
BBW I dont get it?
Bigger Girls Need Lovin' Too
Muffin Tops
Plus Size Trannies - What Do You Think?
Thick Girls, TG & GG
Thundering Thighs
Why do fat chicks always think that the second "B" in BBW applies to them?, They're usually wrong


B&D, S&M, Domination
Domination, Women in Charge
Mistress Boots & Shemale Domination
Latex, PVC, Rubber - smells like domination
Strap-on Thread, Girls Who Wish They Were T-Girls

Fisting - Who Wants to See Vicki Fisted?
Fisting, GG's & TG's
Feeting???? You've Heard of Fisting Butt...
Lana Woods


Foot Fetish
Foot Fetish Central
Toe Sucking, Just Another Fetish of Mine
T-Girl Anna girlyfeetboy, Femboy foot fetish model
how do you like my feet
New Foot Fetish Stuff

Tranny Toes

TS Lactation
Midget Porn!!! You Ever Jerk Off to it?

Muscle Girls
Sexy Muscle Girls & Female Bodybuilders
TS Figure Athlete & Bodybuilder, the only one in the world
TS Figure Bodyuilder new interview on Rxmuscle.com
Transsexual Bodybuilders
Are Female Bodybuilders Considered Transgender Female Bodybuilders
Wrestling Divas When They Ain't Got No Clothes On

Pumped Pussy Pics, Not for the Squeamish



TGirls & GGs Smoking
T-Girl Smokers?
Cigarboopy Favorites
Female Smokers Gurls who smoke!
SHEMALES SMOKING do you like to see Tgrls smoke?

Strap-on Thread, Girls Who Wish They Were T-Girls

Shemale Watersports &  Pee Fetish

Most Bizarre Fetishes, Babies Need Not Participate Unless You're Into Being Dressed Up As 

Amusing Photos
Dont forget your sunblock Ouch!
FAIL! Thread
Gifs Thread
Motivational Posters
Mindfuck Images
What the...? Pictures That Make You Go...Hmmmm
Pranks on Hotel Maids
The Opposite of Sex...Spot the Difference
Kelly Shore Fan Signs
Strange Signs, What Were They Thinking?
For Some Reason I Picture Crimson...
A Thousand and TWO Uses! Duct Tape
This One's for You Crimson...Stormtroopers
Hugh Jarrod is a Hobosexual, I Have Proof!
Post Pics of Your Favorite Crackwhores
Dumbest Tattoo You've Ever Seen?
Post your Drunk Shots lol
Extreme Ironing, a real sport
Verticals, Pic stories not dicks...
Stop Playing With It and Just fekkin' Eat It
When sex toys go wrong 
Random Shit WTF
Weird Fucking Cakes 



Babes Behind Bars

Female Mugshots
Female teachers who had sex with underage students

Barbie Girls
British Chicks - And people say we have no hot girls over here
Bulging Pussy Lips & Camel Toes
Clits, Because We Have a Bulging Pussy Lips Thread


Chicks on TV
Cable News Babes
Hottest Gals On Red Eye


Gorgeous GG's

Porn Stars, Celebrities & Wannabes
GG's Anyone?, Post Your Top 3 Here

What Porn Star Did You Grow Up With? The Star You Jacked Most to...

GOD DANG! Do I Love Me Some 80's Porn or What!, Classic Porn Discussion Thread

I confess, I think I have a crush on older women.

She's 56. Would You Still Fuck Her?

Your Childhood Crushes, Who Were They?

Your Favorite Female Rock Singers

My Current Dream Girl
Women I Want To Marry


Amber Sexxam
Anne Hathaway
Brandi from Storage Wars 
Brandy Taylor aka Brandy Talore
Britney Spears
Chesty Morgan
Christina Applegate
Cora (Carolin) Berger
Faye Runaway
Giselle Bundchen


Janine Lindemulder
Janine and Vaniity
Janine Forgot to Pay...$80,000.00 in Taxes

How Do You Want to Tie Vicki Up?


Jayde Nicole

Jessica Biel
Kate's Playground
Lindsay Lohan
For Charlie, it's all about Liz...Liz Vicious
Madonna pics: old, new & nude
Maria Conchita Alonso
Marilyn Chambers Appreciation Thread


Megan Fox
Jennifer's Body (movie), Megan Fox...Topless
Megan Fox, The Babe from Transformers


Misa Campo
Neriah Davis
Natalie Suleman
Pam Grier
Sasha Grey
Shay Laren
Spice Twins
Tricia Helfer
Raquel Welch
Scarlett Johansson
Vicky Vette

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#3 Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow


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Posted 26 July 2012 - 10:32 AM


Hot Shemale
Backpage Girls

Before & After

Before & After Transformations

Claudia, Claudia, Claudia, Claudia
Dish of the Day
Girly Gurls Pics of gurls that give NO clue that they are TS/TV
Just for the Sake of it
Mature or Older TGirls - A Tribute
Models, post your favorite oddball photos. I want to know who the brave ones are. 

Shemale MILFS?

Physical resemblances A fun exercise to find similarities between models and famous

Random Tgirls

Tallest TS?

Tgirls who don't need any more surgeries, girls who i hope don't change a thing with their appearance

Transexual Siblings

What Really Turns You on in TS-Porn?

World's tallest TS

Brazilian Babes!
Brazilian Babes!
Viper: Post some Travestis!, Brazilian Girls!

Brazilian-Transsexuals Updates
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update: Mar 16, 2010
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update: Jun 1, 2010
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update: Jun 8, 2010
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update: Jun 15, 2010
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update: Jun 29, 2010
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update: Aug 24, 2010
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update: Sep 28, 2010
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update: Oct 5, 2010
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update: Oct 11, 2010
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update: Nov 2, 2010
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update: Feb 8, 2011
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update: May 10, 2011
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update: May 17, 2011
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update: May 24, 2011
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update: Jun 14, 2011
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update Jul 26, 2011
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update Aug 16, 2011
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update Sep 27, 2011
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update: Dec 6, 2011
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update: Dec 13, 2011
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update: Jan 3, 2012
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update: Jan 17, 2012
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update: Feb 14, 2012
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update: Feb 21, 2012
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update: Feb 28, 2012
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update: Mar 6, 2012
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update: Mar 20, 2012
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update: Mar 27, 2012
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - Update: Apr 10, 2012
Brazilian-Transsexuals.com - June 2012 updates

South American Babes!
South American T-Girls, Except from Brazil!
South American beauties

European Shemales!
Favorite British Girl
Best Looking TS/TV in London
UK Big Dicked Girls
Big dick shemales in UK

Who's your fav british girl?

Dutch Topic, Dedicated to Working Girls in the Netherlands

Italian Shemale Request....

Italy, Then & Now
European Honeypot, Trans Europe Express
Euro T
Is it me, or are all the call girls in Spain HUGE?
1001 Algarve nights 1001 reasons why you should visit the Algarve

Russian TGirls
Russian T-Girls
Russian/Eastern Bloc Shemales
Moscow Tgirls - pic thread

Middle Eastern Shemales!

North American Girls
American T-Girl Strokers
Paging Buddy Wood! who is currently the hottest west coast tranny???
The hottest west coast trannys, post em if ya got em
Pacific Northwest Girls
Top 5 American TS's?
Oh Canada...Canadian trannies!
Pics of Canadian shemales
Canada-Tgirl.com OH CANADA!!!
T-Girls from Mexico!

T-girls from the Caribbean Archipelago Including Cuba & Puerto Rico!

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Captain Jack Sparrow


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Posted 24 August 2012 - 08:07 AM

Party Pics!

Vicki party pics
What Do Travestis Do OFF Camera? Plus, Is Crimson Raider Like Rust?
Grooby's AVN Night
Pool Party - Tranny Style
TS Get Togethers
Mandalay Bay photos - AVN tgirls and more...
Valentine's Day with Meghan Chavalier, Finally Meeting an Icon!
Bob's Place
Pics from my niteclub adventures + my B-DAY party details!
5'6" is the new tranny tall
T-Girl Saturday pics launch new Photo Gallery
Easter Party At Buddy Wood's
Club Cobra Thursdays
Club Rage in West Hollywood, Tranny night life
Blue Moon Nights Party Pics Thread
Photos from New Tranny Night Blue Moon Nights, Club Cobra tranny night no more!
Buddy Wood's Tranny Porn Playground At Blue Moon Nights Photo's from Thursday's Party 8-5-10
8/12 Buddy Wood's Tranny Porn Playground
Syren Club Aug 14
BlueMoon Nights Boycott??? how juvenile
Pictures from Reform School Tranny Girls Party in NYC!
The Blue Moon Nights Pictures Guest Stars SeXXXy Jade and Domino Presley
9/2 Schoolgirls at Buddy Wood's Tranny Porn Playground
Tranny's in the Club
Tranny's in the Club Buddy Wood's Tranny Porn Playground
LA Party 10-14-10
Halloween T-Party Tonight featuring Domino, Markham sisters, Laelah, Jenna, Eclair
Lucia Matthews gogo Dancing in North Hollywood
T-Party with Tgirl Porn Stars Every Thursday
Candid TGirl Photos, Shemales having a good time
Allanah Starr's New York Parties Every Fri/Sat
The OFFICIAL Tranny Award Winners Post
Morgan Bailey, Olivia Love, Hazel Tucker, Amy Daly LA Party 10-14-10
Tranny Awards Thanks and Photos
Tranny Awards red carpet

Photography Fun & Appreciation
Great Shemale Photography Appreciation Thread
Pictures of Shemales With Captions
Caption Pictures Edit a Pic of a GG or TG with a caption
Favorite "Pose"
Your Favourite Photo Angle
Post a Sexy Photo
Transsexual Photo Scavenger Hunt
Use Photoshop Sparingly

Post-op Chicks
Post-op Chicks!

Post-op New
before post-op and after

Kimber Is Post-Op
Maria Eduarda Venturini, Beautiful Post op

WaWa Now Post-op?, Did I Really See a Post-op Pic of WaWa?


Vintage Shemale Porn

The Transsexual Erotica Archive of Magazines & Films
Vintage Shemale Porn
Retro Shemale Porn
Golden Oldie - Shannon
Retro Porn old vintage stuff, pics pre-1970
Do You Remember the 80's?
Old School TS Porn?
Vintage Transexual Pics & Clips...Like Sulka, Margot, Kim Christy, etc.
Old Transformation Mag Pics?
Battle of the Bottoms
Photos - Oldies But Goodies, HungDevils Challenge #5
Christy Michaels

Favorite Tgirls
Seanchai's 1000 Personal Favourite Grooby Girls Favorite Hung Babes
Top 5 American TS's?
Top 3 Most Evil TG
Other Top Shemales, Top Totty
Gjamestgirlfan's Top 150 Tgirls
Who is Your 2nd Favorite TS?
Favorite Other Girls
Favorite Shemale Pictures
Who's your fav british girl?
The hottest west coast trannys, post em if ya got em
Your top three "would do anything to fuck"
shemales of my desires beautiful t ladies
Which is Best, Brazil, Thai or Western?
Which Tranny Would You Like to See on This Board?, Let's Make a Wish List
Who's your fav Tgirl?
Who Was the First Transsexual That Turned You On?
Who Do You Want to Have Sex With?
Marrying a Transexual
Your latest Obsession
YOU can vote for Best Solo Model @ Tranny Awards

The Next Generation of Shemale Pornstars
Who Is The Future of American Shemale Porn?
The Next Generation of Shemale Pornstars
Newcomers - A Summary; feel free to add ur favorites
Teen shemales
Just Best Teen Shemales
Yumsters! New Girls Right Here
Natalie Foxx -- Will She be a New Star?

Fallen Angels - The Dearly Departed
Fallen Angels
Fallen Angels - Girl's Who've Left Us Too Soon
RIP Camilla de Castro

I've Heard Leticia Vlasak Has Died


TS IDENTIFICATION - Look Here to find Her Name
Top 200 Shemales of 2006 - Pic Encyclopedia

Travestis Brasil
Super TransSex Travestis Magazine
Bonecas of Rio de Janeiro
Bonecas of Sao Paulo

Other TG ID sites
TransSexual Identification Database
Winnie Cooper's TS Directory
Shemale Model Database
Shemale Model Index
Mona's Asian Shemales - A Compendium of Ladyboy Sites

TS Identification Threads
TS Identification Thread, Place to Post Those "Who is this?" Pics of Unidentified Girls


Little Help IDing some pics
need help need to know 

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#5 Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow


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Posted 20 August 2013 - 12:13 PM


Body Focus
Hour Glass Shaped Shemales
What's in a Face, No Faces Allowed - Body Only Shots
Flexible Body
Full Bodies of Sin TGirls' Full Body Pics
The Body Paint Thread
Oily Girls Pic Thread

Eyes -- One, Two & Four
Avast, Me Maties!!!, Hot Chicks with Eyepatches!!!
The Eyes Have It, T-Girls Eyes
Gorgeous Eyes, Your Favorite TG & GG with the Hottest Eyes
Girls with Glasses

Faces & Smiles
Prettiest Face
Why Don't TS's Smile in Their Pictures?
Girls with Braces
Nicest Lips, Pair of Lips
Post Big Lip Pictures
My dick longing for such lips lovely Girl lips making me horny
Horny TS Makeup

Hair, Long Beautiful Hair, Shining, Gleaming, Streaming, Flaxen, Waxen
Pigtails Thread aka Sluts!
Short Hair



TGirls with Bangles (multiple bracelets)
Women & Gloves, Long Elegant & Sexy
Shemales with Black Nails

Long Nails on a Hard Clit


Legs, Gams & Pins
Legs Thread
Great Legs: What Makes a Great Pair?
Legs & Ass pics, Not the Cock. Oh Well, All Right the Cock Too..

Tatooed Girls
Goth TGirls
Tattooed Girls
The World is Divided Into Two Kinds of People
Tattoos!, Everyone loves some Ink wink.gif
Strange place for a tatt...
Mexican Vampire Lady

The Clothes Make the Girl, or What's She Wearing?

The Black Thread - sexy pics of women wearing black TG or GG.
Girls Wearing Camo

Pasties - Apparel or Simply Accessories? You Decide
Pretty In Pink, No Not the Movie
TG's or GG's in Shiny Clothes


TG's Dressed as Police Officers
Officer Alessandra Leite
Sexy Clowns!
Little Devils
T-Girls that Wear Ears on their Heads
Sexy French Maids
Harem T-girls
Naughty Nuns
Schoolgirls & Cheerleaders, TG & GG
Girls in Uniforms
Trannies in Uniform-Cops,Nurses, Military, etc., Post your favorite pics of trannies playing dress-up
Sexy Costumes

Costumed XXXmas Babes & Holiday Whores
Luck of the Irish!!, Girls in Green to honour St Patricks Day
Happy Easter!
Zombies, Ghosts and Ghouls..., Tranny style Halloween
Tyra Scott is out Vampire for Halloween
Christmas Babes
Holiday TGirl Thread
Tranny Xmas
Happy Xmas from Diamond Long and Black TGirls
It's a Very Tranny XXXmas
Khloe Hart Xmas
HO HO HO Merry Xmas from LatinaTranny.com
Ryder Monroe gets her Xmas icing

Boots, Boots, Boots... GG's, TG's, TS's, CD's
Shoes....Sex is in the Heel
For the Love of Sox


Hats & Headgear
Harlots in Hats, Bitches in Bonnets, Cunts in Caps, Chicks in Chapeaus
Women in Scarves, Headwear, Cosplay, etc...
T-Girls that Wear Ears on their Heads

Less is More
Non-nude Girls
Fully/Mostly Clothed Reveal, sometimes less is more.....

Lingerie -- Girls, TGirls, Crossdreser's Wearing It
Sexy Lingerie or All Nude?
TGirls in Satin

Ass In Panty Thread
Drop those knickers, Lovely TGirls with their panties dropped/lowered
Hands down Panties! GG's and TS
Gorgeous Panties TGirls' Panties.... Beautiful
It's all PANTS !!!!!, Knickers to You Mate ......

Take Off Those Pants
Shexy Ashian Shluts Shedding Shorts, Ladyboys In and Out of Tight Shorts
Denim Dolls, Girls In & Out of Their Jeans
Real Shemales, Real Hotpants
Girls Bottomless
Spandex Lovers

Shemales & Females in Stockings or Pantyhose
Anal in nylons! Buttginal sex!
Gurlz in Panythose
Shemales & Females in Stockings
What Do You Like Better Stockings or Pantyhose?
Am I wrong, or is there something sexy about a girl in pantyhose?
TG's in Pantyhose

Shemales & Females in Swimsuits & Bikinis
Shemales In Swimsuits Thread
TS Ladies & Bikinis
Micro Bikinis

Location, Location, Location

Bath or Shower
Car & Driver, Girls in Cars, on Cars, Near Cars
Trannies in the Kitchen, Where all good women belong
Mirror, mirror on the wall... or two for the price of one
T-Girl Pole Dancing Thread
Public Exposure

Shemales & Females by the Seashore or Waterside
Girls on the Beach, in the Water or on the Sand...
TGirl Beach

Any Good Fishing Holes in Your Neck of the Woods?

Girls in the Snow...Baby it's Cold Outside


Fun With Food & Drink

Find The Alcohol Content Of Your Favorite Beer, Interesting Chart, More Interesting Girls
Red Hots, Red Hots, Cum Get You Red Hots


Funky Sexy Guitar Pics

Girls With Guns, Bows, Knives & Weapons of Mass Destruction

Hot Girls with Douchebags
Indian Sexy
Favourite Pornstars?

Random Pics of TG & GG
The fuck to end all fucks
None of These Women Are Kimber James?, But They Are Nice
The Hottest Picture Of All Time...There Can be Only One
Sexy Photos
Various Pictures
Happy 4th Everyone
Retro Porn old vintage stuff, pics pre-1970

Shemales & Females Engaged in the Wide World of Sports
Babes & Sports
Im hot for Cheryl Bernard, Is this wrong,,,,,LOL
Lindsey Vonn
World Cup T-Girls
Sexy Roller Derby Girls TG or GG
TGirls Working Out!

Any Good Fishing Holes in Your Neck of the Woods?

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#6 Captain Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack Sparrow


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Blow Jobs
Head Thread, Sack Lunch Anyone?
Wine Them, Dine Them, Sixty-Nine Them...Sixty-Nine Pics Only
69ing tgirls, post your fav

Self Sucking
Self Suck TGirls
Self Sucking... Don't Believe the Hype

Anal GGs
Balls Deep! It Just Can't Get Any Deeper

Anal in nylons! Buttginal sex!
Doggy Style!
Interracial Sex Scenes!
Large Cocks in Small Holes

Making Love, Not Just Fucking For The Camera

Reverse Cowgirl Pics

Post op transexual fucked 
Christian is BANNED from Thailand!

Double Penetration, Taking It in All Holes
DP Scenes
Double Teamed or DP, TG & GG
Double Anal Photos
Spit Roast - filled from both ends
Been Fucked and Sucked Simultaneously, Boys and girls getting it from both ends!

Shemales Topping
TGirls Topping Thread
Real Men Take it Big Up the Ass and Other Shemale Wonders
Cowboys or Reverse Cowboys
What's your favorite position?

Girl on Girl Action, We Love Lesbians
Girl -v- Girl, Combos Welcome!!!!
Females & Shemales

Shemale Lez
Scissor Pics
The Lezbian Kiss!!!
Kissing, I Love Kissing
Girls Kissing
Hugging & Holding

Orgies - The More the Merrier
TG Multiples or Orgies Thread, Pix with 2 or More Beauties
Groups, More Than One Hotness
Shemale Threesomes...or more

Orgasm, Cum Shots, Girl Goo
Precum Cock Ooze
Cock & Cum
Orgasm Face

I'm Cumming!
Facial of the day
Cum covered trannys
Tribute Pics - Dropping a Load

TGs & GGs With Toys
TGs & GGs With Toys, The Bigger the Better
Sex Toys
Spread Eagle With Dildo


Making Love, Not Just Fucking For The Camera

What's Your Favorite Sex Position?

What Sex Position You Haven't Tried?

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Tranny Lesbians
Ladies of TSSeduction.com
Frank's TGirl World April 2 - Keep 'Em Cumming
T-Girls On Cam, Live Pornstars making your wishes cum true!
Shemale Pornstar - Girls Night In!
The Best US Shemale Hardcore Porn ... from SMPS
Shemale Inch - some updates
check out all the hot tgirls on cam right now! http://tgirl-cams.com/
The Sparky Snakeden Blog
Jay Sin's TS Playground

Shemale.XXX Updates
Shemale.xxx - Why We Launched
Sneak Peeks - Thanksgiving from Shemale.XXX
Six for Six for XXX
Sizzling XXX
Last Week on Shemale.XXX
What is a Blackula?
Bitten By Blackula

Shemale Yum Updates
Buddy Wood Tribute ... ... is this the best Shemale Yum update EVER?
My personal favourite girls of 2008
Shemale Yum Model of 2008
Grooby into 2009 ... my statement of intent for the year
Hardcore Retrospective of Shemale Yum's 2008 Season
New Shemale Yum - the top 13 models on the site
Shemale Yum's Thanksgiving Stuffing!
Shemale Yum March 16th - Nurse Me Back to Health
Shemale Yum March 29 - The Domino Effect
Shemale Yum April 5 - This Bee Can Sting!
Shemale Yum Top 12 Models, April 2010
Shemale Yum - April Showers
Shemale Yum April 18 - A Beautiful Sapphire
Shemale Yum May 18 - Keepin' It Hot
Milestones: Shemale Yum now has 1200 models
Shemale Yum June 21 - Keep the Girls A-Cumming!
Shemale Yum June 14 - Girls, Girls, Girls
Coming This Summer to Shemale Yum
Shemale Yum July 15 - Summer Fire!
Sixteen Sexy Shemales!
Shemale Yum August 9 - Xena Shemale Princess
Shemale Yum Oct 11
SMY Update
Shemale Yum Oct 18 - Keep 'Em Cumming
Shemale Yum Nov 8 - Let These Hotties Keep You Warm!
Shemale Yum : Current Top 20 Models
Shemale Yum Nov 30 - Fresh Faces
Shemale Yum Dec 6 - December Cuties
Shemale Yum Xmas Photos Remember: Shemales aren't JUST for Xmas!
Happy New Year from SMY
Shemale Yum Feb 28 - Candy for your Eyes!
Shemale March 15 - Mix It Up!
Shemale Yum March 21
Shemale Yum March 28 - Boobalicious
Shemale Yum April 25 - Spring Flowers
Shemale Yum May 10 - Shakira, Shakira!
Shemale Yum Top 10 Models as of 28 May 2011
Shemale Yum May 31 - TGirl Princess
Shemale Yum June 6 - Budding Beauties
Shemale Yum June 13 - Sweet Candi
Shemale Yum June 20 - Here Kitty, Kitty!
Shemale Yum June 28
Shemale Yum July 11 - Sexy Summer Days
Happy Happy Yum Yum
Shemale Yum July 17 - Summer Hotties
Shemale Yum July 25 - Steamy Summer Afternoon
Shemale Yum Aug 1 - Sizzling Hot!
Shemale Yum Aug 8
Shemale Yum Aug 15 - Sweet Like Candi
Shemale Yum Aug 26
Shemale Yum's Dark Haired Beauties Sept 6!
Shemale Yum has an Asian slant this week
Shemale Yum's Sparklers
Newbies and Oldies
Check Out Model of the Month Texi...and More
Shemale Yum Nov 28 Updates
This Week (9 Dec 11) on Shemale Yum
BANG UP todate - Today's SMY Update
Shemale Yum - January So Far!
Easter Eggs from Shemale Yum
Sapphire Returns, Jane West wow, French girls, Jaslyn Monroe debut and more
Natalie Foxx and More on Shemale Yum!
Queens Celebrate Queen's Jubilee

Trannies Fuck Trannies Updates
Trannies-Fuck-Trannies.com - Update: Jun 02, 2010
Trannies-Fuck-Trannies.com - Update: Jun 09, 2010
Trannies-Fuck-Trannies.com - Update: Jun 17, 2010
Trannies-Fuck-Trannies.com - Update: Jul 1, 2010
Trannies-Fuck-Trannies.com - Update: Oct 7, 2010
Trannies-Fuck-Trannies.com - Update: Feb 3, 2011

Shemales From Hell Updates
Shemales From Hell March 12
Shemales-From-Hell.com - Update: June 04, 2010
Shemales-From-Hell.com - Update: June 11, 2010
Shemales-From-Hell.com - Update: Jun 18, 2010
New Shemales-From-Hell.com updates Jul 2010
Shemales-From-Hell.com - Update: Apr 30, 2011
Shemales-From-Hell.com - Update: May 7, 2011
Shemales-From-Hell.com - Update: May 14, 2011
Shemales-From-Hell.com - Update: May 21, 2011
Shemales-From-Hell.com - Update: May 28, 2011
Shemales-From-Hell.com - Update: Jun 4, 2011
Shemales-From-Hell.com - Update: Jun 11, 2011
Shemales-From-Hell.com - Update: Jun 18, 2011
Shemales-From-Hell.com - Update: Jul 10, 2011
Shemales-From-Hell.com - Update: Aug 6, 2011
Shemales-From-Hell.com - Update: Sep 24, 2011
Shemales-From-Hell.com - Update: Oct 1, 2011
Shemales-From-Hell.com - Update: Oct 29, 2011
Shemales-From-Hell.com - Update: Feb 25, 2012
Shemales-From-Hell.com - June 2012 updates

Guys Fuck Trannies Updates
Guys Fucking Trannies
Guys-Fuck-Trannies.com - Update: Jun 02, 2010
Guys-Fuck-Trannies.com - Update: Jun 09, 2010
Guys-Fuck-Trannies.com - Update: Jun 17, 2010
Guys-Fuck-Trannies.com - Update: Jul 1, 2010
Guys-Fuck-Trannies - Update: Oct 14, 2010
Guys-Fuck-Trannies - Update: Dec 23, 2010
Guys-Fuck-Trannies - Update: Feb 17 2011
Guys-Fuck-Trannies - Update: Mar 10, 2011

Trannies Fuck Guys Updates
Trannies Fucking Guys
Trannies-Fuck-Guys.com - Update: Jun 02, 2010
Trannies-Fuck-Guys.com - Update: Jun 09, 2010
Trannies-Fuck-Guys.com - Update: Jun 17, 2010
Trannies-Fuck-Guys.com - Update: Jul 1, 2010
Trannies-Fuck-Guys.com - Update: Aug 26, 2010
Trannies-Fuck-Guys.com - Update: Sep 29, 2010
Trannies-Fuck-Guys.com - Update: Oct 7, 2010
Trannies-Fuck-Guys.com - Update: Oct 14, 2010
Trannies-Fuck-Guys.com - Update: Oct 20, 2010
Trannies-Fuck-Guys.com - Update: Feb 10, 2011

Trannies Fuck Updates
Trannies-Fuck.com - Update: May 19, 2011
Trannies-Fuck.com - Update: Jun 23, 2011
Trannies-Fuck.com - Update: Jul 14, 2011
Trannies-Fuck.com - Update: Aug 4, 2011
Trannies-Fuck.com - Update: Oct 6, 2011
Trannies-Fuck.com - Update: Oct 12, 2011
Trannies-Fuck.com - Update: Dec 1, 2011
Trannies-Fuck.com - Update: Dec 8, 2011
Trannies-Fuck.com - Update: Dec 15, 2011
Trannies-Fuck.com - Update: Dec 22, 2011
Trannies-Fuck.com - Update: Jan 5, 2012
Trannies-Fuck.com - Update Mar 8, 2012
Trannies-Fuck.com - Update: May 3, 2012

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Women of Hungdevils Thread


Aimee Riendeau

Hi, newbie here Just a hello nice to meet y'all kinda topic
Houston's lil blonde TS Gal - Aimee Riendeau - new lingerie/leather pix


Allanah Allure

Allanah Sex Toy

Everything Allanah Allure Thread


Allanah Starr

Allanah like 7 years ago
Details About My Molding & Exclusive PICS or DILDO FUN!
My New Pictures- Allanah's Boudoir
Hi De Ho, Hi De Ho!!!

Aly Sinclair
Aly Sinclair
Mandy Mitchell dominates Aly Sinclair
Smoking Hot New Pics of Aly Sinclair!!!
Konnichiwa bitches! The Lazerbuuny Network goes live
ClubAlySinclair.com Promo ~ The Altporn Network
Aly Sinclair with Bob Coulter sneak peek, Crazybabe.com & ClubAlySinclair.com
Aly Sinclair on TSseduction!

Alyssa Luxor
My new web address www.alyssaluxor.com Lets FUKC!!!
Ive just tried creating a facebook page! Add me wink.gif Lets have fun!!!
Add me in facebook wink.gif Lets have fun!

Alyssa Rayne

Amber Nicole Smith

Amy Daly
New Member Here : ) Some Pics too
Dirty Dirty Dirty, Must Get Clean!
Shemale Yum Set
Shemalepornstar.com photos for ya'll
free preview photos from amydaly.com!
Amy Daly May 13 - Sexy School Girl
Amy Daly May 21 - A Rendezvous with Kimberly Kills
Amy Daly Party Pics
AmyDaly.com last 2 updates : ) More pics
I kissed a girl and I liked it : )
My date night with Hazel Tucker Hazel's first topping scene
Amy Daly.....WOW......, What a Cutie..
Amy Daly - The Real Thing!!!, look into my eyes
Laundry Time with Amy
Amy's Laundry Day and some Panty Fun!
Dildo time on amydaly.com!
Hazel and Amy tickle time : )
Amy Daly Gets Tickle Time with Hazel Tucker!
Amydaly.com: Amy with brand new TS Vandenberg
pics with me and tiffany starr
AmyDaly.com: Late for band practice!
Amy Daly Oct 22 - Countertop Fun
Happy Halloween! my halloween set
Amy Daly & Taylor McGhee
Merry Christmas everyone
Latest Pics amy daly pics
Amy Daly Leather
Amy's latest
Lots of New pics! BIG photo Dump : )
All About Amy Daly!
Amy Daly April 22 - Adventures in Babysitting
Amy Daly April 27 - Just Like Heaven
Candy & Pink
Amy Daly July 7 - Steamy Hardcore with Brittany St. Jordan!
Joanna Jet Hardcore - Shemale Tranny Hunter, Amy Daly
pics with me and tiffany starr
Amy Daly and Tiffany Starr's Steamy Scene!
Amy Daly - Lady in Black
Amy Daly - That Naughty Little Faerie!
Amy Daly=Perfection
Amy Daly and some foot fetish fun!!

Angelina Torres
Angelina Torres Blog
French/Spanish Angelina Torres
Liberty Harkness with Angelina Torres - First TS on TS scene xx
Angelina Torres Preview Hardcore Photoshoot, InterracialTgirlSex
New Contact Site is Up!
TS Angelina Torres Official Blog !
Angelina Torres New Preview Pics - 12 Aug 10
New Angelina Torres Preview Pics
Angelina Torres Site Launch
Angelina Torres Video Making Of Barcelona, Spain October 2010
Angelina Torres hot scene
Angelina Torres Xmas Shoot
It's a Very Tranny XXXmas
AngelinaTorresXXX.com Updates! Video! Pics!
Angelina Torres Gangbang
Angelina Torres Last Updates
Angelina Torres Latest Updates Euro Pornstar in solo action
Angelina Torres and Chocolate Abs

Ashlee Belle aka Msbhvn

Msbhaven Is A Bad Girl And Needs A Serious Buttfucking!

Ashley George
TS Ashley George
Ashley George Finally Has Her Own Site!, Whoopee - what a hottie
Ashley George New Tits

Bee Armitage

Bella Belucci
Wow! Faster than lightning! Preview pics already!
OMG! I'm on ShemaleYUM! How the hell did THAT happen?!
My debut set on Shemale-Club
A few preview shots for BellaBellucci.com
My new set on SMC!
My second set on Bob's T-Girls!

Bianka Banks
Heyy new to the scene s0o0o be niceee!!!
Bianka's Boobie Diary lolzz
When is a troll NOT a troll?

Britney Markham
britney markham new set for shemaleyum.com
Coming soon for Halloween
Britney Markham, I wanna Markham Up Your Britney with My Rotten Fuck Custard!!!
Britney Markham the chillest stoner ever Britney Fucking Markham, ... in her first hardcore, I think?
Britney Markham Fucking Domino - For real!
Britney Markham's Birthday Party
Britney Markham turns her back on porn

Brittany St. Jordan
Brittany St. Jordan
Happy Fucking Halloween

Brittany St. Jordan gets HAMMERED
some webcam snaps of me and britanny st jordan right now on cam x
Steamy Hardcore with Amy Daly

Joanna Jet Hardcore - Brittany St Jordan POV
Brittany Motherfuckin' St. Jordan! Site is Open NOW!
Fucking Brittany St. Jordan
Tempest & Brittany St Jordan TS-Rockolls Tempest Preview

Cameron Alba


Cassy Cassard
Cassy Cassard
Cassard Studios - New Cassy Cassard website


Cherilynn Fontaine
St. Patty's Day Session
Brand New She-devil Pictures
Jail Bait Pics
More of the White Outfit
Gone Fishin'
Me and Mr. Davidson
www.Tranny-Fetish.com what's new for September..
New? Sweet Cheri Pics Retrospective Coming Soon to Tranny-Fetish
Cumming Soon To TRANNY-FETISH Brand New Sweet Cheri Pics
Tranny-Fetish Relaunch
Coming to Tranny-Fetish in September
I'm A Model Y'all *Duck Face Pics*
Tranny-Fetish October Update 2
WE SALUTE YOU! ...THIS is a cumshot video!
The Bitch is Mainstream
More Mainstream



Danielle Foxx

Vicki and Danielle
"You've got to see this from my point of view" - Vicki Richter
Tribute To Danielle's Peepee
Danielle Fox SRS, Did She Get it Done?
Whats everyones favourite Foxxxy pre op scene?

Delia DeLions
Better Than a Box of Chocolates, Happpy Valentine's Day!
The Delia Thread!, Celebrating Delia
Cheesecake Donut Girl
Tight, Red and Slutty
Shameless Self Promotion
A Few Pictures from My Latest Update
ARRR Tempest Ye Steal Me Thunder!!!
Forest Fling, Where's My Tarzan?
Trixie's Prop, Face sitting, POV blowjobs
Like a Heat Wave in Your Pants!, Preview of Delia's July updates
Love and Peace and Blue Jeans
Cherry Girl, My latest set.
DeliaTS.com is now live!!!
Trick or Treat . . . Delia's Halloween pics
Thanksgiving Pics
Some of My Holiday Pics
Delia the "Northwest Nasty" on Shemale Strokers
Dino Velvet Be My Valentine <3
Pigtails and Striped Socks
Nothing I'd Rather Do This Lazy Sunday Than Have My Tongue Jammed Up Delia's Funhole
Ms. Peacock with her She-cock in the Bedroom
DeliaTS - Mocha - choca - lata, Sheer mocha cami & lace top thigh highs
Rocking out the White Leggings
Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle - DeliaTS June 12 Update
First Pictures with New Boobs :-)
Delia Getting Naked by the Waterfalls A few samples from my Aug 14 update
DeliaTS - Shiny Silver Leggings
Delia as a nun
DeliaTS - Outside Cabin Pics
Del-vira Mistress with a Cock
Merry Christmas Hung Devils!!! DeliaTS Camo Christmas Pics
Happy Valentine's Day from DeliaTS.com A White and Lacey Valentine
Delia shows off her twins

Dita Dior
Hi I'm Dita Dior
Teenage Dita Canada, It's Been Forever!
How Has Everyone Been? www.ts-ditadior.ca

Domino Presley
Domino Presley's Official Blog
Domino Presley -- New Hair Color
Domino Presley, some photo updates, Just some photo updates since ive been in Atlanta
New updates on Ts-DominoPresley.com/Blog
Blue Moon Nights
New Updates on Domino Presley Blog!
Domino Presley Updates!
Behind the scenes beach pics
Domino Presley, HOT New Photos
My Website is finally here!!! Yay!!
The Month of Domino
TS Domino Presley April 12 - Fishnets!
Domino Presley - Stunning Little Slut
Domino Presley April 26 - Lounging Around
Domino Presley May 3 - TY Seduction
Domino Presley May 11 - Summer is Almost Here!
Domino Presley May 25 - Feeling Blue?
Domino Presley June 1 - Lingerie from a Fan!
Domino Presley June 15 - Cam Queen
Seeking male talent for Domino Presley site
Domino Presley July 7 - Some Finger Action
Domino Presley - Breast Implants
Domino Presley July 17 - Latin Lover
Domino Presley New boob pics
Domino Presley New Boobs exclusive
TS Domino Presley Aug 24 - Teeny Bikini
Domino Presley - Sexy Black Lingerie
new set on my site
Hot New Pics of Domino Presley
Domino Presley is Looking Incredible
Good Grief! Enough is Enough!

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Posted 22 August 2013 - 09:30 AM







Emily aka Heavenly Sin
My friend HeavenlySin
New picture of Emily (Heavenlysin)
New pictures of Emily / HeavenlySin

Farrah Mills
Hi Vicki and everyone
November 1st update!
Farrah Mills - some pictures for you!
new update live on www.farrahmills.co.uk
August 1st update on www.farrahmills.co.uk Icon Special!
New Farrah Mills Pictures!!
Farrah Mills & Allanah Starr
Farrah Mills & The Girls at the Wayout Club!
Farrah Mills Birthday Bash@ The Wayout Club,London, 21 again! LMAO!
Farrah Mills Live at the Wayout Club!
Farrah Mills Photographed by Joanna Jet
Farrah Mills New Hairstyle pics!
My new video is here! "Alone"
Farrah Mills - Spotlight Live! Jan 2011
Farrah Mills - New Vide and pics 29th Jan 2011
Farrah Mills in Paris Jan 2011
new Farrah Mills after surgry pix
Farah Mills hot new curves
Farrah Mills May 2011

Francine Groskreutz Cope

Hazel Tucker
Hazel Tucker - welcome!
Hazel On ShemaleStrokers!
Thailand is so Much Fun!
more pics of Hazel Tucker PLEASE!!!!!
Hazel Tucker ... Find out the latest
Happy 4th America - Hazel Tucker ... All-American New Girl
Happy Halloween from Hazel-Tucker.com
Hazel Tucker Molested By Santa ... she was asking for it ...
Hazel Tucker & Logan (Kinky Kennedy) get oily
Hazel Tucker April 21 - Girls, Girls, Girls!
Hazel Tucker - Hot and Horny POV Hardcore
Hazel Tucker is a cum catching slut ...
Check Out Hazel's New 'Do!
Hazel Tucker June 9 - Sexy Sailor Girl!
Hazel Tucker June 23 - Here Kitty, Kitty!
AmyDaly.com: My date night with Hazel Tucker
Hazel Tucker July 21 - I Dream of Weenie!
Hazel Tucker Aug 4 - Tied and Tickled w/ Amy Daly
Amy Daly Gets Tickle Time with Hazel Tucker!
Hazel and Amy tickle time : )
Hazel Tucker Oct 22 - Dir-T Girls Like it Wet!
Hazel in Wonderland Halloween Set!
Beautiful Hazel Tucker just released on Shemale.XXX
Hazel Tucker March 30 - First Date Fuck
Hazel Tucker April 5 - Leopard Print Princess
Hazel Tucker Official Updated Thread
Hazel Tucker May 19 - Cum & Watch Me!
Hazel Tucker June 16 - Peacocking


Holly Sweet
Holly Sweet on Transexdomination...Huge Tranny Tits!
Vicki and Holly Sweet Together




Add Me on Facebook

My First Shoot

Sexxxy Jade


Jamie French

New for October..., A lil promo...
Jamie French Interview., Retarded Answers To Great Questions.
Latest Shoot
HD!, Jamie's Fetish
Jamie's Fetish HD!
What's going on over at jamiesfetish.com? Naked Stuff.
Mini photo set FREE!, Jamie Junk
Computers Are Hard
Official Name: Jamie French
GG Models Can't Be Trusted
Shit Just Got Real
Jamie & Emma
Jamie Xmas
Jamie's Fauxhawk
Latest Freebies
Newerest Junk
Clown Porn
wanna be a zombie...?
Birthday Concert
Stills From Tonight's HARDCORE Shoot
NEW SFW Mini Sets
FREE SFW Halloween Photo Set
School Girl Outfit
My First Scene With Christian
Cam Show
Pony Play test shots
Jamie's Pony Play
New Foot Fetish Stuff
A Couple Of Teasers Before I Leave LA... Jamie Junk
Back Home. Jamie Junk
What yall missed on cam4 with me and Tiffany Starr! Jamie Junk
My Strokers Set Is Up! Jamies Junk
How To Ruin A Take. Jamies Junk
Teasers From The Latest Set... Jamies Junk
New Apartment, New Shoes... Jamies Junk
Tout Naturel Jamies Junk
Tiffany Starr & Jamie French (on set) Jamies Junk
My Favorite Photo Of Tiffany Starr... Jamies Junk
I cam'd all over myself... Jamie's Junk
Here's What You missed... Jamies Junk
Latex Kitty... Jamies Junk
Corset Training Jamies Junk
New Stage Clothes Jamies Junk
More Free Photos Jamies Junk
4ever21... New Clothes
Sun Dress Jamie's Junk
Some people think transbians got it all wrong... Jamies Junk
Tiffany Star & I On The Radio! (PHOTOS) Jamies Junk
Gray Dress 
Teachin My GF to Shoot... Jamie's Junk
First Official Update NOW Over At The New Site! Jamie's Junk
Bored To Gape In Under An Hour. Jamie's Junk
A Night Out With Me And My Girl... Jamie's Junk
Monster Dildo Anal Training. Day 1. Jamie's Junk.
Count Down To BREASTS. Jamie's Junk
Why WOULDN'T you want to be a tranny pornstar? Jamie's Junk
DEMON (free video) Jamie French
Ass. Jamie's Junk
Latest Update At tsjamiefrench.com Featuring Chelsea Marie! Jamie's Junk
Thank you Jamie French for sponsoring The Tranny Awards
Skype Jamie French

Free Cosplay Photos

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Posted 22 August 2013 - 09:33 AM







Jamie Page

Filmed Jamie Page and Jessica Fox Yesterday
More Vicki & Jamie
Vicki Richter & Jamie Page
Everyone, Welcome Jamie Page To Hung Devils!


Jennifer English

Hi people ohmy.gif)
Poked by Jennifer English?

Shemale Tranny Hunter, Jennifer English

Jesse Flores
Looking for info on pornstar named Jesse popular model on tsseduction.com
ts jesse's new site www.ts-jesse.com
Random Pics from My Site!
Jesse & Wendy
some more pics from me
new pic of me!
Jesse's Pics to Keep You Warm!
Almost Christmas!!! Here's a Present
Jesse's Christmas Presents!!!
New Pics From Today!!!!
Mandy Takes Jesse's Bottoming Virginity!!!!!!
TS Seduction Pics
Happy Valentine's Day From Jesse!!!
Come To Bed With ME!!!!
a few pics of me last night!
For the Troops!!!
Jesse's Mermaid Adventures!
Jesse's 1st Pics from Hawaii Trip!!!!
Jesse as the Hawaiian Hula Girl!!!!
Jesse's Forest Fun!!!
Jesse's Beach Babe Pics!
Jesse's Movie Madness Presents......!!!!
Previews of new sets from TS-Jesse.com Jul '09
Happy 4th of July pics from Jesse!
Jesse's Comic-con Candids
Jesse Loves HungDevils.com!
Back to School with JESSE
Jesse, What else just Jesse
FREE Full Photo Set of ME!!!!
NUDE at the Beach Previews!!!
Jesse as....Rainbow Brite
Merry XXXmas
Jesse IS a shemale PORNSTAR
upcoming photo set from www.ts-jesse.com
Jesse Halloween Update
My Sex Toy Line from California Exotic is Available NOW!!!

Jizelle Moore
Interview with ShemaleYum PornStar Jizelle Moore
Greetings from Canada!
Shemale XXX: Jizelle Moore
Latest Yum Set
Jizelle Washes Her Sins Away


Johanna Bardin


Joanna Jett
Becky Price & Joanna Jet
A Few of Joanna Jet
Dedicated to the UK's Top TS
Joanna Jet Back & Looking AMAZINGGGGGG, Sophisticated is the Word!
Outdoor Shemale on Female
Miss Santa & the Christmas Elf!
Goldilocks discovers she has a bit extra!!
Do my Tits Look Big in This??
Shemale on the Farm!!, It's all about the tractor!
Interracial Hardcore from Joanna Jet & Melvina Raquel
Sex in Corsets - Joanna Jet & Shay Hendrix
Joanna Jet - Rubber Nurse
Joanna Jet - Schoolgirly Look
Joanna Jet - New Shemale Strokers Set
Slutty in Red & Black
Joanna Jet - Assaulted by Bear!
Joanna Jet - Bathtime
Joanna Jet Meets Holly Kiss
Joanna Jet - PVC and Monster Dildo
Joanna Jet as Daisy Jet
Joanna Jet - Pink, Blonde and Long Nails
Joanna Jet - Rock Chick
Joanna Jet Back to Boy-Girl Hardcore
Joanna Jet - Satin and Glass
Casual In the Kitchen
Joanna Jet - Fed up with the Laundry
Joanna Jet Animal Print
Joanna Jet Belted & Booted
Mistress Jet
Joanna Jet - Sheer, Fencenet & Boots
Joanna Jet - Lady of the House
Joanna Jet - TS on TS with Karla Cox
Joanna Jet - Merry Christmas
Joanna Jet - White Lingerie & Toy
Joanna Jet - Office Strip and Play
Joanna Jet - Jumpsuit Jo
Joanna Jet - Knitted Dress & Sheer Pantyhose
Lifetime Achievement Joanna Jet
Joanna Jet - Very Little Black Dress
Joanna Jet - Happy Valentines Day
Joanna Jet - Shemale Cougar
Joanna Jet - Eighties Club Shemale
Joanna Jet Hardcore - Shemale Cougar, Delivery
Joanna Jet - Fantasy Shemale Schoogirl
Joanna Jet - Beaver Hunter - Britt Angel
Joanna Jet - Lace and Black & White
Joanna Jet - Shemale Cougar, Office Bitch
Joanna Jet - Sleepy Head
Joanna Jet - Beaver Hunter - Charisma Gold
Joanna Jet - Shemale Seductress
Joanna Jet - Skater Chick Returns
Joanna Jet Hardcore - Shemale Cougar, Seductress
Joanna Jet - Atomic Guard
Joanna Jet Hardcore - Unleashed with 2 Girls
Joanna Jet Hardcore - Fetish Passion, Hard Anal
Joanna Jet - Leopard Print Cougar
Joanna Jet Hardcore - Shemale Cougar, Garage Secret
Joanna Jet - La Perla on Silver Satin
Joanna Jet Hardcore - Shemale Tranny Hunter, Amy Daly
Joanna Jet - Shemale Vamp
Joanna Jet Hardcore - Shemale Tranny Hunter, Jennifer English
Joanna Jet Hardcore - Brittany St Jordan POV
Joanna Jet - Cougar Slut in Pink
Joanna Jet - Leather, more Leather & Fishnet
Joanna Jet Hardcore - Shemale Cougar, Photographer
Joanna Jet - Caught in the Rain
10 YEARS of www.joannajet.com!
Joanna Jet - Foxy in Miami
Joanna Jet - Legs, High Heels & Denim
Joanna Jet - Fully Fashioned Nylons & Latex
Joanna Jet - Red Light Bodystocking
Joanna Jet - Boudoir Noir

Joanna Jet Hardcore - Shemale Tranny Hunter, Liberty Harkness
Joanna Jet - Cigar, Suit, Stockings & Cock
Joanna Jet - Rockabilly Jet
Joanna Jet - Italian & Flowers
Joanna Jet - Basque, Stockings & High Heels
Joanna Jet - Shemale Cougar Elegance
Joanna Jet - Afternoon Tea
Joanna Jet - Shemale Cougar Lair
Joanna Jet - Ripped Pantyhose
Joanna Jet - Merry Christmas
Joanna Jet - Denim & Lace
2011 Review of www.joannajet.com
Joanna Jet - Blue Jeans, Blue Heels
Joanna Jet Hardcore - Shemale meets Female -> Amica
Joanna Jet - Phone Sex
Joanna Jet - Pink Lingerie, Fishnets & Heels
Joanna Jet - Holes in my Dress, Really?
Joanna Jet - Sheer Lace Gown
Joanna Jet - Plugged in Spanking Skirt
Joanna Jet Hardcore - Shemale Cougar #2, Adult Tuition
Joanna Jet - Sheer Bodystocking
Joanna Jet Hardcore - Shemale Tranny Hunter #2 - After Hours
Joanna Jet Hardcore - Shemale meets Female #3 - Sindy Strutt
Joanna Jet Hardcore - Shemale meets Female #4 - Sindy Strutt
Joanna Jet - Very Tight Pants!!
Joanna Jet Hardcore - Shemale Cougar #2, Picking up Guys
Joanna Jet Hardcore - Shemale Cougar #2, Playthings
Joanna Jet Hardcore - Shemale meets Female #4 - The Gate Keeper
Joanna Jet - Tranimal
Joanna Jet Hardcore - Shemale Cougar #2, Checking the Meter
Joanna Jet - LA Sunshine
Joanna Jet Hardcore - Shemale Slut loves Outdoors
Joanna Jet - Dressed for Dinner Date
Joanna Jet - Red Bondage Tape
Joanna Jet Hardcore - Shemale Cougar #2, Used Car Salesman

Jordan Jay
Jordan Jay New Site Launch
Jordan Jay new stuff
Jordan Jay alone in the office
Jordan Jay in Leopard dress and stockings
Jordan Jay in hotpants
Jordan Jay in white french knickers
Jordan Jay - Angel at heart
Officer Jordan Jay
Officer Jordan Jay gets fucked
Jordan Jay in Sheer bodystocking
Jordan Jay in sexy bodycon dress
Jordan Jay's Leopard shoes
Jordan Jay in satin teddy
Jordan Jay in tight white leggings

Juliette Stray
Juliette Stray
More Mandy and Juliette, Just when you thought it was safe
This dress is dolphin safe
Juliette Stray is a Barbie, Well, that's different
What I did this month


Kaila Kane
Kaila Kane
Kaila Kane 2nd Shoot


Kaitlynn Webster
Have YOU heard of me
Finally .. some new pics
where do i stand
Fanclub Poll
my newest pics of 2011
my new blog site
A Couple New Pics - 3 May 11
A Couple New Pics - 11 Aug 11

Karla Coxx
Karla Cox in the UK
Karla Cox is Shemale Yum's Xmas Model!, Happy Xmas everybody!
New Pics of Karla Cox I shot for Joanna Jets Website
Karla Cox update pics




Kelly (Shore) Pierce 
Kelly Shore Blog
Wolfe Studios
Come see the Shore!
New Piccies
A few Pics from my new scene
Just got these from Isabella of Shemale-Club
Kelly Shore planned 9/11 ... shameless title shocker ... complete rubbish!
Whats in store on www.kellyshore.net!!!
Kelly & Tempest
Kelly Shore Pictures to Share
some pictures from my private transsexual set
Jesse & Kelly
New pics from me - 9 Dec 08
My new scene on Tsseduction (pre-surgery)
Erik Daniels and I
Pics from the Maury Show
Foxxy & Kelly
Fan Signs
POV Scenes
Auditioning for Hee Haw ya'll
Jesse and I at Club Cobra
What to come on kellyshore.net
Naughty Time With Kelly Shore
Kelly Shore and The Fucking Machine
Behind the Scenes with Kelly
New Bikini Shots
Some pics from me smile.gif 6/24/09
New Photos by Jasmine Jewels
Beach Shots today by Jasmine
New Solo Scene pics smile.gif
Morgan Bailey and I doing a double solo scene
New haircolor and look coming to kellyshore.net
New pics from me - 8 Dec 09
Hi guys! I'm back lol
Kelly Pierce Official Blog
New 2011 Piccies from me If you like dick don't look
Kelly Fucking Whore, I mean Shore, I mean Pierce - aww fuckit
My first bottom scene is on Shemale.xxx
Molding pictures from my toyline with Topco Sales!
Happy Holidays from Kelly
Kelly Pierce Solo
Please pick me for your fan vote smile.gif pics inside

Watch me make this 14 inch dildo vanish before your eyes!
Just testing to see if this works!
Best lube????
Kim's selection of pics
Samples from my latest photoshoot
Will I make it to 200,000 unique visitors this month?
You wont find an ounce of fat on me
Pics old and new

Kimber James
Kimber James Blog
Kimber James
Kimber James caught in theft shame
Kimber James stripping in club in LA?
Just How Big is Kimber James's Cock?
New Kimber James
Cowgirl Kimber James & Her Ebony Cowboy!!
Kimber James Announces Scene with Angelina Valentine!
Happy Birthday to Kimber James!!!

Kimber Is Post-Op

Kimberly Kills
Kimberly Kills Live Performance
Kimberly Kills is stunning in bondage, BDSM with two tranny babes
Kimberly Kills gets Cupid's Arrow
Shemale Pornstar - Kimberly Kills, Girth Monster
Kimberly Kills Needs Cock!!!
Kimberly Kills and Amy Daly hardcore
Kimberley Kills fan thread
When Size Matters - Kimberly Kills
Random hello , It's been a while

Kira Harden
A Couple Nude Photos of Me
We Love Kira Hardin Because She's.....
An Oldie but a Goodie
What's your favorite things about me?


Kirsty Scott
Kirsty Scott, A Taste of Scotland
Kirsty's TG Playground, The New Taste of Scott's Land
Winter Sports, I've been skiing
Kirsty's Fan Thread
UK porn industry


Kitty Kati
Kitty Kati
KittyKaiti Shemale Yum March 2011 Model of the Month

Kourtney Paige Von Wales 
TS Kourtney LIVE on Cam!
Anyone need a NAUGHTY Nurse?
Blog It! Club Kourtney

3D Comes to Krissy4U

Thank YOU Krissy 4 u for your sponsorship of the Tranny Awards



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Posted 22 August 2013 - 09:36 AM







Lexi Wade

Lexi Wade
Check out Lexi Wade on Franks Tgirl World

Liberty Harkness
Casual Pics of Me Having Fun at My Mate's Dungeon
New Shemaleyum Solo Set
Some Webcam Snaps just taken of my new Spraytan smile.gif
Some pics of me larking about outdoors on the grass
Some Preview Pics from My Transexdomination Scene
Another New Set of Me Just Gone up on Shemaleyum with Cumshot
New Sample pics from my Website for Launch End of August
Funky Sexy Guitar Pics
Pics of Me Playing in a Swinging Club
Some Pics of My set from Interracialtgirlsex - Liberty Harkness
Some Unusal Pics I Shot Yesterday
Some New Pics - 3some and Solos
Liberty Harkness New Solo Pics - Black Hair
So I Went Black - WEBCAM Pics
Some Messing About Pics of Me & My Mate Kaciee
Liberty the English T-Milf Estate Agent smile.gif
Default First Full New Pics Of Me, as I am being asked to show some
Liberty brings you her Xmas Suprise xxx
Miss Santa & the Christmas Elf!
Liberty Harkness - First Scene on Shemale Strokers
A little English Shemale Maid !! Man my job sucks x
Some Amatuer Pics of me with my HARKNESS gutiar Roarrr x
Some Pics of me in Tights x
Pics - Liberty In Leather xx
Liberty Takes a BIG Cock
Why fuck just 1 girl when you can fuck 2 at sametime smile.gif Pics Liberty
Some Mobile Phone pics of me - hehe nude to lol
Libby pics
Some Cheeky Schoolie Pigtail webcam snaps
My Dick has increased in size smile.gif new pics
Liberty Harkness - Debut Hardcore Sex On Shemalepornstar
New Gothy Pics
Shemaleyum Scene June 10th
some webcam snaps of me and britanny st jordan right now on cam x
Liberty playing her Xbox
Naughty Schoolgirl Pics - Update
Black Agent Provocateur Swimsuit Pics
Land Lady Libby Taking The Deposit
Liberty Outside Pics in the Sun
A Nice Hard Anal Fuck - PICS Liberty Harkness
New scene up on Shemalestrokers
Liberty Cam Show
Liberty FFS
Liberty Harkness Website Launch
Liberty's New Doo
Liberty & Holly Kiss
happy horny Valentines Day fucking with Liberty
Real Estate Agent Liberty
Liberty in Trainers
Good Afternoon Fuckers XX some new webcam pics of me AGAIN !
Denim Hotpants and Skimpy Vest
Sgt Harkness from the Tranny Army
Metal Cock Ring Fun
Some Classic Lingerie
Hardcore Update - Naughty Schoolgirls Fucking
Having Fun in the UK
A Touch of English Elegance - Stockings & Suspenders
My Official Website Is now Live - 21 Pic Sets / 13 Videos on Launch
Landlady Liberty Taking the Deposit
Stripey Socks
Liberty - The Fishnet Toxic Avenger
Liberty fucks male slave bareback in his asshole
Liberty Fucked By the Sex Tourist on Shemale Club
Latest Solo Update - Fluffy Slippers & Leggins
Nicole Montero and Liberty Harkness

Lucia (Miel) Matthews
Lucia Matthew's Blog
Tempest and Lucia Preview pics !!!, Psycho Punk and The Class Act
New Preview Pics Tempest & Lucia Miel ts-rockdolls.com
Lucia Miel - looking great baby!
TS Lucia Matthews Official Website Sneak Peek!
Lucia Matthews Go-Go Dancing
TSLucia.com Launched
Lucia Matthews Fucked Ava Devine in the ass?


Luxury Lovely aka Luxury D
Introducing the DICK
Where are your FAVORITE PLACES to have SEX? Mine is The PARK!! Sandy Bottom!...lol
Lux's Nature Nut
My First Fingering
Phone Sex
Getting These Bitches OFF The STREETS!
Luxury Wonder
LOOK at what YOU'VE Missed!!
HEY GUYS its me Lux
The Take DOWN
L.D.P HighLights
Dick SUCKING 101
Luxury MEETS Cane
All for YOU(purple panty)
Daddy's Home
Luxury D Love- Sample My Luxury
Luxury D. Love- Red POUNDING

Mandy Mitchell
Mandy Mitchell Blog
Shemale Strokers
Bondage & Strap-on Pics
I Think Brunette Suits Me
Lesbian Love in the Woods
Mandy Takes Jesse's Bottom Virginity
Suspended in SF
Robots, dead relatives, stupid injuries....
Important announcement regarding my pornographic endeavours
Mandy Mitchell dominates Aly Sinclair
I love being tied up!, Mandy's newest bondage pics
My newest lady friend, Hot cop violet comforts Mandy after break in
Mandy the Schoolgirl slut
Transexual BDSM like you have never seen before
Mandy Mitchell Latex photos
More Mandy and Juliette, Just when you thought it was safe
I know you people love filthy porn my scene with Lesbian pornstar Syd Blackovich
Kimberly Kills is stunning in bondage BDSM with two tranny babes
Princess Donna: a dream come true.
Hollie Stevens and Mandy Mitchell
Mandy Mitchell's bday celebration, with friends Hollie Stevens and Kimberly Kills
For the Comic Book Nerds
Mandy Mitchell and GG alt pornstar Sparky Sin Claire get nasty
outdoor lezzie sex with Cherry Torn
Still Slutty

Mia Isabella
One Word...DAMN!
Mia Isabella Launches Her New Website!
Nicole Montero and Mia Isabella

Michelle Austin
Sneak Peeks from My New Site
Michelle Austin Hardcore on Shemale Yum
Michelle Austin Pinup Marilyn Look
Dildo Fuck - Michelle Austin
Facesitting A Fan
Michelle's American Pie
Bonus Shaving Video
Pantyhose Slut
Cock Sucking Slut Michelle Austin
My First Hardcore

Anal Training
Taking Big Black Toy
Pinup in Blue
Fucking Brittany St. Jordan
Bathroom POV at Michelle-Austin.com Sloppy BJ
Fucking Christmas Slut
Behind the Scenes Footage at michelle-austin.com
Happy New Yrs from Michelle Austin
Champagne Piss
Valentines Plug
Boots And Gloves
Alone with Red Anal Plug
Michelle in the Dungeon
Fishnets & Thigh High Boots
A Hot Stripper
Tits & Ass in the Dungeon
Pinup in Gloves
Jeans and Heels
Smoking on Couch

Morgan Bailey
Morgan Bailey
Morgan Bailey nearly starts a forest fire at ShemalePornstar.com
Morgan Bailey Hardcore Scene on TranSexDomination
Morgan Bailey IS Shemale Yum's Model of the Year 2009

Morgan Bailey/Sadie Hawkins OR Sadie Hawkins/Morgan Bailey

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Posted 22 August 2013 - 09:41 AM







Natassia Dreams


Nicole Dupree
Nicole Dupree Aka Arianna On Shemale Yum - Heads Up!
www.nicole-dupree.com is now UP and running


Nicole Montero aka Nikki

Nicole Montero fucking Ludmila
Nikki aka Nicole Montero
NikkiLadyboys.com is here!
Nicole Montero and Mia Isabella
Nicole Montero and Liberty Harkness

Thanks Nicole Montero
Super Movie Update on LatinaTranny.com, Nicole Montero fucks Gia Itzel from Mexico OOooohhhh

Olivia Love
Olivia Love, Don't hear Much About Her
The Return Of Olivia Love
Olivia Love Gets Her Own Website., Tranny Award Lifetime winner
Olivia Love Wins the Lifetime Achievement Award




Ryder Monroe
Ryder Monroe
Shemale XXX: Ryder Monroe and Wolf
Ryder Monroe gets her Xmas icing

Sammi Valentine
SammiValentine.com - British Girly Fun!
SammiValentine.com - World Cup Fever!
Shemale XXX: Sammi Valentine & Christian

Sarah Kane


Tara Emory
Tara's Latest!, I've started a thread of my latest work as it comes out!
Robots, Dead Relatives, Stupid Injuries
I've been busy, busy, busy doing some hot shoots!, Sneak peak at Tara's next two photosets
Happy Valentine's Day from Tara Emory
Oh no! Tara Emory hits rock bottom!
Tara Emory Repeats Herself
Tara Emory takes it for the team in "Team Spirit"
Tara Emory is "Maid to be Fucked"
New crap from Tara Emory attempting to grab your attention!
Tara Emory's Music Box
Naughty Easter wishes from Tara Emory
Tara Emory's Newest "Heigh-Ho"
Tara Emory's June 2012 Shoots
Tara Emory's newest: "Smoking Sexpot"
Tara Emory keeps cranking out weird porn that defies classification
Tara Emory does Mars rover porn.

Post Punk Apocalyptic Tempest Style
Hellfire & Brimstones
Flying To Vegas
Photos by DegrossPunk Photography
Shemale Strokers
TranSex Domination
Trying Out New Hair Color
Tempest & Kelly
Photos from Tempest's Spring Fling Fetish Ball at the ROX
The Band
Pirate Photo Shoot Preview ** Pic's!!, Yarrrr We be Pirates Matie!
Tempest and Lucia Preview pics !!!, Psycho Punk and The Class Act
My Latest Scene on TransexDomination, Preview This!
New Preview Pics Tempest & Lucia Miel ts-rockdolls.com, Amped to the point of sin destruction having sex like its World War 3
Fall Out Damage Girl New Preview Pics From Tempest
Golden Age of Steampunk
Porn Saturated Rock Savage
A New Look and New Photo Shoot
Tempest Preview Backstage, sex and outrage
New Photo Shoot "Here Be Pirates"
New Photo Shoot "Resurrection Mother"
Clockwork Confessions and the Devils Toy
Superbowl Super Slut Special Buzz Saw Blitz
Fishnet Powered Dreamland Tempest's TS Rockdolls retro update
TS RockDolls Update Fall Out Damage Bitch March 2012 update from Tempest
TS RockDolls Update SKULL BEDSET Tempest's New Love Sensation
Tempest & Brittany St Jordan TS-Rockolls Tempest Preview
Tranny GaGa New TS-Rockdolls Update
Tempest Ts-Rockdolls STEAMGUN Preview
Tempest Update Pink Thunder Soul Bender
Tempest Update The Seduction of Bella Its A Shemale Tale its hard to use Words
The Tempest Appreciation Thread
October TS-ROCKDOLLS Update Preview Tempest's Darkside
Tempest TS-Rockdolls update Green Hell Im Not The Girl Next Door
Woman Of Steel Tempest's Ts-Rockdolls Update Preview
I think I might be Evil Tempest TS-Rockdolls.Update Preview
Join Tempest at the "Rock N Roll Whores" Tribute Show
Back at work in the Porn Mines again Tempest B&W Stripes ts-rockdolls preview
Porn Saturated Rock Savage My Other Love Comes down like a Metal Avalanche

Tempest Goes Glam

Yeah You Want This

11" Meechi

Strictly Not For The Innocent

Outlaw School Girl

Tia Phoenix

Tiffany Starr
Hot new Tgirl: Tiffany Starr Up and coming Transsexual porn star
Amy Daly and Tiffany Starr's Steamy Scene!
Tiffany Starr new SMC and tgirl pin up pics
Tiffany Starr's new photos!
Tiffany Star & I On The Radio! (PHOTOS) Jamies Junk
What yall missed on cam4 with me and Tiffany Starr! Jamie Junk
Brand New Pics From Tiffany Starr!

Tisha Dupree


Tyra Scott
Tyra Scott

Tyra Scott is out Vampire for Halloween


Valerie Nelson

Wendy Summers
Congratulations Wendy Summers
Wendy Summers - "Scrabble" Mix a Geekky Freaky shemale with a Giant Game Board and you get
Dick and Span Who's gonna clean my pipes?
Wendy Summers - Jacuzzi a topic that really gets me wet
My Corruption of Eve (Wendy Summers)
Wendy Summers - Temptation of Eve - Featuring Tempest
Wendy Summers - "Domme" & Bonus "A Nice Set"
Bonus Set: Waving My Wand
Wendy Summers I <3 Dick
Wendy Summers - From the Archives
So who digs Cosplay
When it Doubt, Whip it Out, right?
Do you like Presents?
Want to crawl into somewhere warm and fun?
Do you like your TSs Bound and Helpless?

Wendy Williams
Valentine's Day with Meghan Chavalier
Bangs, Vegas and Shooting!
Halloween Preview
Wendy Williams New Pics
Doc Johnson Toy Line (ass, mouth, cock, etc)

the beast rears her snarling head
candles and lingerie and dongs, oh my!
haircut 100 i got a new hairdo. that is all.


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Posted 22 August 2013 - 09:52 AM






Acadia Veneer

Azul Melina


Adriana Rodrigues

Adriana Suzuki

Alana Ferreira
Alessandra Leite
Alessandra Nogueira
Alexa & Natasha Dumond
Alexia Nogueira

Alice Amuze
Alice Amuze
Alice Amuze

Alexia St James

Amber Valentino


Amy Amor

Amy De Milo

Amyiaa Starr
Ana Julia

Ana Mancini
I need More Ana Mancini She's Is so Hard to Find pics of!!
BREAKING NEWS - scandalous NUDE photos stolen from Ana Mancini's iPhone! Going viral!

Ana Paula Samadhi

Anderson Brooks

Andrej Pejic


Angel Star
Annalise Rose



Ariadna Thalia


Ariel Everitts

Ariel Everitts

Ariel Everitts Dedication Thread


Ashley Grey

Bailey Jay aka Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn!!! More Pics Please!!
Harley Quinn aka Linetrap ... Is She a TGirl?, Of Course She Bloody Well Is!
Bailey Jay ... with Boobs!, (Your first look!)

Barbie Woods


Becky Price
Becky Price

Becky Price & Joanna Jet


Bia Spencer

Bianca Carvalho
Bianca Carvalho
Bianca Carvalho

Bianca Foeppel
Bianca Freire
Bianca Soares
Brandy Scott
Brigit Brat
Britanny Coxx

Britney Banks

Britney Fox


Bruna Tavares
Camila Montenegro
Candi McBride


Carla Ferri

Carla Novaes

Carmen Moore
TS Carmen Moore of Las Vegas
Carmen Moore
Carmen Moore Pics of one of the hottest girls around
I'm a huge Carmen Moore fan

Celeste Naughty Nurse
Celeste Busted in Car Banging in Vegas!
Celeste is Pocahontas
Celeste Loves Chocolate
The Return of Celeste!


Chanel Couture

Chelsea Marie

New Starlet on Cheyanna

All-Natural Chloe

Chrissy Snow

Chrissy Snow


Christy Michaels
Clarity Dawn
Cristina Bianchini

Christy McNicol
Christy McNicol
Unretire Christy McNicol!

Dakota Moss, The Hotness
Danielle Chambers
Danielly Palomino

Danika Dreamz
The Return of Danika Dreams

Danni Daniels
Dany Evangalista
Dayse Presley

Derrick Barry





Duda Little
Duda Little
Pics of Duda when she still had big (non-saggy boobs)

Elisangela Marques
Ellery Sweet
Emily Wieckert


Erica Novara

Erika Bittencourt

Erika Fox

Eva Cassini

Eva Lin
Eva Robbins
Fabiana Kanova
Fabiana Melo aka Ludmilla
Fabiane Spears
Fabiola Voguel

Faye Valentine
Faye Valentine Debuts on Shemale Pornstar
Shemale Pornstar May 5 - Faye Valentine and the 9 Inch Beast!

Foxy Angel

Does Foxxy Ever Bottom in Her Movies?
Foxxy, Just Foxxy Pics and Videos Thread

Gabriella Martins
Gaby Garcia
Gia Darling

Gina Hart
Ginna aka Luciana aka Virginia
Giselle aka Alexia Costa

Gladys Adriane
Gladys Adriane
Gladys Adriane


Heather Hung
Hime Tsukino


Holly Harlow
Holly Harlow
Shemale XXX: Holly Harlow solo


Holly Hollywood

Honey Foxxx

Honey Love aka Leah Chase
Ingrid Paladynny

Isabelly Strayt
Isabelly Strayt, Can't Get Enough of Her!
Isabelly Strayt, for Number 4!

Itzel Star



Jamie Markham
Jamie Markham
Britney Markham's lil blood sister Jamie Markham

Jane Marie
Jane West

Jazzmen Dane

Jenna Rachels
Lovely Jenna from LA
Jenna Rachels
Jenna Rachels gets a delivery


Jennifer Paris


Jennifer Zack

Jennifer, Skinny Girl with a Big Cock

Jessica Foxx
Jessica Foxx - Gorgeous Navajo
Jessica Foxx Eats Her Own Cum


Jessica Host

Mistress Jessica Host
Jessica starts the New Year with a Bang


Some Pics to Share


Jonelle Brooks
Jonelle Brooks
Jonelle Brooks Thread


Julia Shiroya

Juliana Nogueira

Juliana Vidal
Julie Berdu

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Posted 22 August 2013 - 09:57 AM





Kalena Rios


Karina Misaki Shiratori

Karina Misaki Shiratori
Karina Claus

Karina Shiratori


Karla Carrillo
Kathryn Taylor
Kelly Clare

Kelli Laque


Keira Verga
Kiersten aka Kirsten aka Claudia

Kimberly Devine
Kimberly Devine Returns
Kimberly Devine
Kimberly Devine

Kimora Jade
Kitty Vuitton aka Kitty Diaz

Khloe Hart

Has Khloe Hart Really Retired?
Some Khloe Hart Photos
Khloe Hart Has Returned
Khloe Hart Xmas

Kristen Lavespere a.k.a. Angelica
Lady Gaga
Larrisa Luckesi
Larissa Monteiro
Laura Ferraz
Laura Trajano
Leather Thorns
Leticia Bysmark
Lilienne Li

Lisa Lawrence

Lorena Secrets aka Cassandra

Luciana Bano
Luiza Scheffer

Lusi Mustang
Madison Montag


Mana Sakuragawa


Mara Dorantes
Marcia Medeiros

Mariam Micol
Mariam's Website, She's Hot, No Question About It
Mariam's Shoot with Lobo

Maria Eduarda Venturini
Maria Roman

Mariana Cordoba
Mariana Cordoba
Mariana Cordoba WEBSITE IS HERE

Mariana Cordoba on Latinatranny.com

HO HO HO Merry Xmas from LatinaTranny.com



May Bangkok
Busty May Confusion


Meghan Chevalier
Meghan Chevalier Thread
Meghan Chavalier
Meghan Chevalier, the Return, a ShemalePornstar.com Exclusive

Mel Gaucha

Melanie Moore

Melanie Hickman

Melissa Mendez
Melissa Mendez
Melissa Mendez!!!

Mia Fever
Mia Fever, Ultimate TGirl
Why Isn't Mia Fever a Bigger Star????

Milena Vasconcelos
Milena Campanelli
Milena Vendramine

Mimi Plastque



Go Fuck Yourself


Mint Cascade

Miriany Ribeiro

Monica Rodrigues

Monique Dior
Monique Dior
Monique Dior MEOW!

Myla West

Natalie Foxx

Natasha Rusthy
Nathalie Jolie

Naveah Sky

Nelly!, I've never seen this lass before.
OMG! New favorite! Super Hot Latina TS Nelly!!!

Nicole de Castro


Nomi X



Noy Aviv

Nuria aka Luana aka Luana Lou


Pamela Ann Vortekx

Paris Deluxxxe
Paula Desyrre
Paulina Carmody

Patricia Araujo
Patricia Araujo: Pics And Vids
Patricia Araujo
Patricia Araujo

Patricia Bismark
Patricia Franca
Patricia Sabatini
Patricia Sereia


Priscilla Dandara
Quinn aka Niko
Rafaella Carneiro
Rafaela Ninfeta
Rafaela Sanchez


Raquel Fox
Raquel Fox

Can someone identify this TS?


Rayssa Maia Ribeiro
Roberta Nogueira
Ruby Navarro

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Posted 22 August 2013 - 10:02 AM





Sabrina Emoli (Hemoli)

Sabrina Suzuki

Sabrinita aka Sabrina Alba Zalakain


Sadie Hawkins
Sadie Hawkins

Morgan Bailey/Sadie Hawkins OR Sadie Hawkins/Morgan Bailey

Saigon Lee

Sarah Sin

Sarina Valentina formerly Alexis Saige
Alexis From Shemaleyum
I'm in love, but who is she? She's so hot and natural
Wheres Alexis?
Found this Tgirl on another forum
Sarina Valentina - the next new thing in TS porn!
boy with vagina, girl with penis

Sasha Strokes

Serenity Sora



Shanay Araujo
Sharon Lopes
Shawna Hays

Sofia Ferriera





Susana Anderson

Suzanny Petrovyck
Suzanny Petrovyck
Suzanny Petrovyck


Tamara aka Pilar Tanoira


Teighiana and Wolf
Thais Dumond aka Agata Lopes
Thayna Lousada
Thara Wells
Toni Tease



Tyra aka Yvonne
Valentina Cid

Valeria Beyonce


TS Vaniity
Beautiful Vanity!!!!!!
Is Vaniity Legal?, Viper Wanders Into an E-Minefield



Venus Lux 


Vicki Richter
Suck This Bitches
Oldest Vicki Pix
TS MRS Vicki Richter ???, Really?

Vicki & Vo
Vicki Has Such Bedroom Eyes!!!!!!
Blasts From the Past
"Youve got to see this from my point of view" - Vicki Richter
Just a Little Something Something...
Buddy Wood's Shemale Email
VR Forum Awards 2007 - VICKI PHOTO OF THE YEAR
Post 2 pics of Vicki
Vicki & Vo
Pool Party - Tranny Style
Beautiful Vick & Vo. Enjoy!!!
Vicki & Danielle
Photoshop Play
Vicki Pics in Everyday Garb
The Vicki Richter Story
For BJ
Vicki, She of the Immaculate Asshole.
Arrest You Red
Do you like my shecock or my fuck hole?
Favorite Vicki Pic
shemale lez
Beautiful Vicki...enjoy!!!




Miriam aka Victoria
More Miriam, I Can't Get Enough of Miriam


Victoria Holyns
Victoria Holyns
Some fresh pics from Victoria Holyns


Vitress Tamayo

Vivian Porto
Vivian Porto
Are u ready for VIVIAN PORTO ???

Vivian Rockwell
Vivian Sparks

Vo D'Balm
Vo in Las Vegas, Aye Caramba!
Vo's Hollywood Premeire
Vo is Eros Girl of the Week
Some of Vo
2 Beautiful Ladies...
Beautiful Vo
Beautiful Vick & Vo, Enjoy!!!
More Vicki & Vo

Yasmine Lee
Yasmin Moreninha
Yasmin Rios
Yazlene Reyes
Yvana Rodrigues


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